Database Administrator

Location: Philippines

1. MySQL, Redis, Hbase database system planning, design, management, migration;

2. Provide technical support to developers, analyze performance of existing applications and propose corresponding optimization suggestions, optimize SQL statements, and deploy test environments;

3. Responsible for the daily management of the database, including database backup and recovery, performance optimization, log analysis, data migration, and solving unexpected and difficult problems;

4. Optimize the data storage structure according to business requirements, and be responsible for regular inspection of the system database and performance analysis and tuning.

About the Company

Online Gaming Company located in southeast Asia; the group has currently reached up to more than 1,000 people. The launch of a new technology office and branch office marks a milestone for the group in 2018. The company has many years of industry experience and business innovation records, managed by the top professionals to perform the management. Adhering to the concept of "justice and safe", committed to providing players with "trustworthy", "happiness", and "professional" interactive entertainment experience, to build up a flagship product in the field of online entertainment for the user to create a more abundant project. Focus on the sustainable development of products under an open development model. Group is still absorbing excellent talents, integrating marketing channels, looking for strategic partners at home and abroad with professional services. The goal is to achieve the breakthrough of the entertainment industry, break from traditional development. A comprehensive group company with entertainment base is committed to cultivating the comprehensive strength of the team, to realize the development of
the team as well as to train on the professional technical and management skills. This enable employees to set sail off together with the company.