Java Engineer

Location: Philippines


- Must have bachelor's degree or above, in Computer Science or mathematics-related major

- Have at least one year of Golang project experience and more than 3 years of project experience in other programming languages (PHP / C ++)

- Proficient in MySQL application development, familiar with database principles and common performance optimization techniques, as well as NoSQL principles, usage scenarios, and restrictions, proficient in Redis;

- Familiar with at least one message queue Kafka / Rabbitmq / Redis etc.

- Responsible for the self-test of the program and participate in system integration and joint debugging;

- Experience in distributed system design and development is preferred

- More than 3 years of development experience; proficient in Golang / C ++;

- Familiar with Linux / Unix, strong data structure and algorithm foundation;

- Familiar with distributed architecture, common middleware such as cache, message queue, Nginx, and experience in designing and developing distributed high concurrency services is preferred;

- Familiar with RESTful interface protocol, development experience with a large concurrent interface is preferred;


Job Responsibilities:

- Continuously optimize and restructure existing services, improve system performance, and support rapid business

- In-depth participation in end-to-end software development, including requirements analysis, design,
coding, test operation, and maintenance, document writing, technical support, etc.

- Responsible for the management and development of all functions of the backend and front-end API;

- Continuously improve the code quality, scalability, and maintainability